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Mini Smart Tracker


Open Bluetooth and position on your phone when using it, product will only connect to one phone. If you want to change phone, please delete the matching on your first phone.

Mobile transformation Anti-loss Alarm

Monitor the whereabouts of items in real time by interconnecting the anti-loss device with mobile APP, so as to prevent items from being lost and find them in time.

Disconnection Alarm Two-way Anti-loss Distance: 10m(Indoor)~30m(Outdoor)

When the distance between the anti-loss and mobile is larger than the safe connection distance that will reminds you to check your belongings.

APP Intelligent Trajectory Safe and Anti-loss

In the disconnection mode, open "Baseus intelligent" APP to check the recent disconnection position of the anti-loss device so that items can be traced.

One-key search, Anti-loss and Anti-forgetting simple operation and easy recovery

Prevent Your Baby from Wandering off

A high Volume buzzer, can be heard clearly outdoor to prevent wandering off

Long Endurance Easy to Change the Battery

The normal battery life of T1 model can last for more than 12 months in normal standby, T2 model is more than 6 months. It’s may vary with user's application environment and objective factors, there may be different degrees. APP is featured with battery level reminder, and users can replace the battery of the corresponding model for the product based on the usage conditions

Colour: White / Blue / Pink