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2020 Ultrasonic Mini Air Humidifier/ Essential Oil Diffuser





1. The appearance of the product is exquisite and practical.

2. It is suitable for humidifying air in the car or at home.



1. Large capacity: the small body has a large capacity of 200ml, and a variety of colors are available for you to choose, so that you can not dry every day, and meet the needs of various venues anytime and anywhere. Adding water once can meet the needs of a whole day.

2. Operation: as long as the power is connected and the key is pressed lightly, you can turn on the continuous spray mode. Then click the button again, and you can turn on the intermittent spray mode (spray 4 seconds to stop 6 seconds), and press third times to turn off.

3. Night light: in the case of power on, long press the button (do not release) for two seconds to turn off the colorful light, and then long press to turn on the light.

4. Automatic power failure: all spray modes are set up for 3.5 hours to automatically cut off power, and can be restarted and continued to use. For the first time, fill up water (about 90%) and stand for 3-5 minutes before starting.





Applicable area: less than 10㎡

Material: ABS + silica gel / electronic components

Function: humidification and spray

Water tank capacity: 200ml

Number of mist outlet: 1

Operation mode: mechanical

Timing function: no timing

Power mode: USB charging

Rated voltage: DC5V = 1A

Rated power: 1.5-2w

Color: white, green, pink (optional)

Spray time: 5-10h

Size: 80 * 80 * 103mm


Package Included:


1 × humidifier

1 × data line

1 × spare cotton stick